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Fused Glass Ornaments

Make several ornaments in fused glass

Window Panels - A Pane in the Glass

In this class you will construct a panel up to 21" x 21". You choose the medium - foil or lead. If you choose lead, you must have worked with lead before. You will be learning how to use reinforcing and finishing the panel with zinc or lead. You will also learn how to measure windows for panels and learn the common installation procedures. You select and purchase the pattern and furnish all the materials. There will be homework for this class.

Panel Lamps - Light Up Your Life

Learn how to build a panel lamp from start to finish. You will learn how to build a jig for the lamp pattern. You will cut and grind the glass and install the crown on a properly fitted lampshade.

Dec 10
3-D Angels - Heavenly Gifts
Dec 10
Soldering Techniques
Dec 13
Stained Glass I - Beginning with Foil