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Custom Stained Glass Repairs

Restoration of glasswork and frames requires careful study when it comes to working on art pieces. It also requires an artist's eye. We can repair most stained glass windows, lamps, etc..

Stained glass repairs are rather like painting restoration. Working on these pieces require that colors are matched, textures maintained, and materials carefully handled. It also means that any areas of re-creation must be the same in terms of style.

When you commission us to take on your project, you can rely on a blend of artistry and tradesmanship. It takes a complete workshop of tools and experience to produce the right effect. Matching colors and materials is a complicated procedure, but one which is critical to flawless restoration.
Lead panel BEFORE repair - multiple broken pieces, misssing lead.
 Lead panel AFTER repair.

Old Tiffany Style Lamp - Customer wanted this lamp (orginally made by his mother) repaired, but due to the extensive damage it could not be repaired.  Instead we made a smaller lamp with the slavaged glass, thus maintaining the sentimental value of the glass shade.
We will be happy to consider any stained glass repair assignment. We can repair lamps, windows, or most other forms of stained glass. We will evaluate the condition of the stained glass piece, and determine if it can be repaired as good as new. Often for much less than the price if purchased new.

Repair costs depend on the nature of the broken glass to be replaced, materials costs and labor. Our work is done in our shop, we DO NOT do onsite repairs at your home or business.