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Design and build your own permanent floral arrangement in Stained Glass. This 2-week class focuses on 3-d construction of a variety of stunning displays.

Cost: $ 95.00
In this 2-week class, In this class, you will learn the techniques and skills necessary to create a stunning six-sided stained glass pieces that elegantly hangs and spins, casting dazzling colors and patterns in the surrounding space. Sample patterns will be provided, or students can create their own. Students must provide their own glass, foil and solder for the piece. The Jig required to assemble the spinners and the hardware required will be provided by the studio. Please note students must have completed Stained Glass I to take the course.

Cost: $ 85.00
Using 90 COE glass, you will learn the fundamentals of fusing. We create an experimental glass tile, a night-lite, a ring dish, a piece of jewelry, and an additional project. Some of the projects will be taken to a full fuse and some will be tacked fused...the dish will be slumped. We will furnish most supplies and the kiln time. You will furnish the creativity and some additional supplies if desired.

Cost: $ 135.00
Explore the effects of 3-d textures with Kilncarved Glass and add depth and texture to your fused glass work. In this 2-week class, students will use a variety of methods to make several small pieces using positive and negative relief as well as a final piece that showcases your newly acquired skills. Glass and materials will be provided for the first class. Students will need to purchase glass for their second project week 2. Fusing I recommended, but not required.

Cost: $ 95.00
In this third fusing class, we explore how glass moves in the kiln to create organic works of art. The 3-week class starts with coral type bowls. The second week covers mastering intentional shapes with negative spaces. The third week is a mastery of delicate designs with exquisite control over the final project. Class includes glass for the first project. Projects will require multiple firings, so students will have to return after class to pick up their completed projects

Cost: $ 170.00
In this 3-week course, you'll discover how glass flows and moves at high temperatures in the kiln, and use this knowledge to create two unique and stunning projects. The first project involves working with stacked glass and frit, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that showcase the mesmerizing flow of molten glass. The second project uses segment bars, where you'll stack contrasting pieces of glass to create geometric shapes and patterns that flow and merge together in the heat of the kiln.

Cost: $ 145.00
In this redesigned class you will construct a panel with bevels and colored glass. You will also learn how to build a jig, where to start with lead when making a rectangular project and how to putty and finish the piece. You will purchase the glass and bevels. We will supply the patterns, lead, and other supplies. Students should have completed Stained Glass I and II.

Cost: $ 150.00
In this 3-week class you will make a small mosaic, or bring in a substrate of your choice! Learn the design fundamentals behind mosaics as well as how to chip, glue, and grout a mosaic using glass. We supply the pattern or bring one of your choosing to be interpreted in mosaic arts. Glass and substrate provided.

Cost: $ 135.00
This introductory glass will provide you the know-how to take your glass art to the next level with traditional kiln-fired glass painting. Glass painting is an easy way to create beautiful details, images, and character to any glasswork (i.e., stained glass, fused glass panels, jewelry, windows, lamps, and more).

Cost: $ 300.00
This is our beginning class where we use the foil method of construction. In this 4-week class you will learn how to cut, grind, foil and solder glass components while making two class projects. Price includes supplies for your first project. You select from a wide array of free patterns and you purchase glass, foil, and solder for your second project.

Cost: $ 150.00
This 4-week class is the next step in learning the copper foil technique. In this 4-week class you will learn how to make a small (12" x 15") panel. We begin with how to build a jig to frame the project and end by teaching how to finish the edges with a zinc frame. You will purchase the approved pattern book and all materials. There will be soldering homework for this class.

Cost: $ 160.00
In this workshop we will give you pointers on how to improve your soldering and how to do decorative soldering

Cost: $ 55.00